Who We Are

Fruit Me is a cheeky lifestyle brand run by young people absolutely passionate about being outdoor and enjoying the zest of life.

Inspired by the love of sun and staying active and healthy, Fruit Me was created to encourage and promote a fun and healthy lifestyle.

We believe staying active while maintaining a balanced diet with mother natures candy is what truly revitalises the body. With this belief in mind we’ve set a clear goal to encourage more people to simply start getting active and having fun while doing so. Our carefully selected products combined with our cheeky branding is allowing us to do this.

So remember,

Fruit Me, for a healthy you!

Our Products

Super Fruits:

Fruit Me Australia always guarantees that we supply the highest quality supplements and most potent organic raw fruits.  Our products have been carefully sourced from exotic locations around the world and follow stringent guidelines to ensure that they are of the highest grade.

Our products come in a variety of convenient and attractive packaging specifically designed to encourage a regular intake of nutrition rich super fruits in order for the body to stay vitalised through out the day.

Pool floats:

Fruit Me produces top quality inflatable products, designed to generate smiles and laughter to all our customers. Our inflatables are designed with a fruity twist which allows them to freshen up any summers day!

Fruit Me Products