Direct from Peru, organically grown and boasting the largest amounts of vitamin C in any fruit, Fruit Me Camu is a great addition to any diet.

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A fruit native to columbia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, Camu Camu currently holds one of the highest amounts of vitamin C of any fruit and has been used for centuries by the native to fight off cold and flues. It has only been recent that Camu Camu has been recognised as a potent natural dietary supplement due to it’s many nutrients and large vitamin C content. The vitamin C levels found in Camu Camu are approximately 23 times more than a single orange and just 1 serve is the equivalent of eating about 23 oranges.



  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Energises the body.
  • Increases mood.
  • Helps maintain healthy gums, eyes and skin.
  • Supports healthy liver, lungs, lumpatic and nervous systems.
  • May help prevent macular degeneration.
  • Supports muscle tone.
  • Contains Iron, Riboflavin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Betacarotene, Calcium and amino acids.

Vitamin C

Camu Camu currently hold the highest amount of vitamin C out of any fruit currently discovered in the world today. Amazingly it contains the same amount of Vitamin C as Orange, Kiwi fruit and Lychee combined. Here is a comparison of the vitamin content of Camu Camu with other vitamin c rich fruits.

If you love citrus fruit, Camu Camu takes vitamin C rich fruits to a whole new level and with Camu Camu offering all these wonderful nutrients packed into one “cherry” you will be vitalising your body and maintaining a strong immune system with just a single serving every day.

Fruit Me Camu Camu is best enjoyed by simply adding half a spoonful (2.5g) to any smoothie, yogurt, sprinkled over fruit salad, in granola, cereals, raw desserts or simply just mixing it into juice. Avoid heating it as Camu Camu will lose its potent nutrient content.

Acidic and Bitter mainly due to its potent vitamin C content.

100% Raw Certified Organic Camu Camu powder.


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Fruit Me Camu Camu

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