Sweeten those sour moments with this unique West African berry that makes common sour & bitter foods taste sweet 100% naturally!

Discovered in west Africa towards the end of the 17th century the Miracle berry (or Miracle Fruit) offers an extraordinary taste altering effect to other foods.
It simply makes sour & bitter foods taste sweet!
In order to experience this, the trick is not to eat the berry but to simply let it dissolve on your tongue until it itself starts tasting sweet (about 20-30 seconds approx). From then on whatever you eat will taste different if not better!
Lemons taste as if sugar has been sprinkled all over them, strawberries taste the way they should & natural yogurt tastes like vanilla yogurt!
The effect is caused buy a glyco protein from the berries pulp that temporarily binds to the tongues’ taste buds and only reacts once something sour or bitter interacts with it. Don’t worry the effects only last between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what you are eating & drinking.
After that lemons taste sour again… It is after all an exotic fruit extract.

Fruit Me Miracle Berries are guaranteed to contain extract from first grade Miracle berries. Fresh Miracle berries are freeze dried moments after being picked to produce powdered Miracle berries with the same effect as fresh berries. The powder is then compressed into tablets for easier usage. This is all done in our ISO certified plantation!

It all starts by simply turning sour into sweet!


  • Aids with common dieting techniques.
  • Helps reduce sugar cravings.
  • Naturally sweetens fruit infused water and teas.
  • Encourages kids to eat their fruits and vegetables.
  • May help with managing diabetes.
  • May help to temporarily bring back taste to people undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Makes a great party theme, sometimes referred to as a “flavour tripping party”.

Freeze dried Miracle Berry pulp, Potato Starch (used as a binding agent)

Place a Miracle Berry tablet on your tongue and roll it around until completely dissolved. After it has dissolved, feel free to eat any sour food.(Crush the tablet up before placing it on your tongue for quicker results).

Bland/dry but Miracle Berries work on themselves so moments after putting the berry on your tongue it will start tasting sweet.



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